keratin treatment

keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is something most people have heard of through television or the movies, but few people truly understand the process. Keratin, a protein found in the skin, nails, and hair, works with keratin therapy products to help the skin look younger.


Most people are familiar with keratin products such as nail polish, hair dye, and skin lotion, but keratin treatment is much more than that. There are several different types of keratin treatments available today. Some use harsh chemicals while others use gentle, natural ingredients.

The best way to find a treatment that meets your needs, however, is to talk to a qualified professional stylist who can provide advice based on her experience with different types of products. The most common type of keratin treatment uses a silica gel that is applied to the hair and massaged into the scalp using a large brush. This gel provides shine to the hair and helps the hair to maintain a smooth and shiny appearance. Your stylist may also recommend special shampoo treatments to further enhance the look of the silica gel.

Another common keratin treatment option is a keratin shampoo treatment. A keratin shampoo treatment usually consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. The conditioner is applied to the hair and left in for a few minutes before being rinsed out with cold water. A conditioning conditioner may be used once per week. Other specialized shampoos are available for those who have dry, oily, or combination hair types.


If you are looking for a salon treatment to use at home, you can purchase a keratin treatment product for home use. Keratin products that are sold over the counter can contain a variety of ingredients such as glycolic acid, keratin protein, sodium sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and a variety of oils, waxes, extracts, and moisturizers. The majority of these products are available at a small cost compared to salon treatments that can cost several hundred dollars. However, if you are suffering from a severe keratin problem, a home keratin treatment may not be the best choice. You can purchase keratin treatment kits at any beauty supply store. These kits include a moisturizing shampoo, a keratin treatment, a smoothing lotion, and a keratin treatment brush. Some of these items can be used individually to achieve different types of smoothness. For instance, a smooth moisturizer that contains glycolic acid can be used to remove dead skin and oil from the scalp. This will keep hair strands from becoming dull and greasy. If you are interested in purchasing a keratin treatment for your own home use, it is important that you take some time to research the ingredients included in these products before you purchase. Some of these ingredients, such as formaldehyde, have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.


Formaldehyde is often used as an ingredient in relaxers. It is very important to avoid any products that contain this chemical.